Monday February 4 2013
Udinese chief blasts ‘unsuitable’ ref

Udinese President Gianpaolo Pozzo has criticised referee Paolo Valeri after their controversial 2-1 loss at Milan.

The official awarded the Rossoneri an injury-time penalty which, as replays show, was the wrong decision.

“We are unlucky,” Pozzo told his club’s official website. “Another referee had been initially designated for this match…

“He is one of the two or three referees who are technically unsuitable for refereeing. I’ve said so before – Valeri lacks the balance to referee in Serie A.

“It's always a lottery with him, and in that lottery we are always the losers. I still recall the incidents with Parma, Milan and the first match against Juventus.

“It was a disaster, he has no balance for fundamental decisions.

“He has given another gift to the opposing team, crucial to the outcome of the match.

“If the refereeing committee excluded this kind of official then the system would benefit our referees who, with the exception of some, are the best in the world.”