Tuesday February 19 2013
Sacchi: Barcelona favourites, but…

Former Milan boss Arrigo Sacchi feels that the Rossoneri will have a chance when they take on Barcelona in the Champions League.

Although the ex-Italian national tactician concedes that the Spanish giants should reach the last eight of the competition, he insists they’ll still have to work for qualification.

“It will be a great match between two teams with great history and a charm,” Sacchi, who worked for Real Madrid as a director, noted.

“Barca are in a fantastic moment, but Milan are experiencing one of their better moments and they are always a tough opponent to deal with.

“Barca are harmonious, modern and attractive - they illuminate every game.

“Xavi Hernandez’ return to fitness is important, as besides being a great player he is the most important, the true leader, for the style of play.

“There is a big difference between Barcelona and Milan, the difference is in favour of Barca,” he added.

“Of course the Catalans are favourites, but in a Champions League game, if you are not 100 per cent focused, you can run into many pitfalls…”