Thursday March 7 2013
Conte: Juve not the best, but…

Juventus boss Antonio Conte insists his club can’t compete financially with Europe’s biggest clubs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t beat them on the field of play.

The Old Lady booked their place in the last eight of the Champions League last night with a 5-0 aggregate win over Celtic.

They will find out on March 15 who they will play next in Europe’s most prestigious club competition.

“For a lot of reasons, especially economic, sides such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are clearly superior to the other sides in the Champions League, including Juventus,” he stated.

“It is utopia to think that we are at the same level as those kind of outfits,” continued the former midfielder.

“We have to be humble enough to understand that we have just begun on a path, a path that through hard work should lead us to bridge the economic gap that no one at this time can fill.

“The money that Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain can spend, we can not. At this moment in time, we are three or four steps below those teams.

“But that does not mean anything, because there is a football field, there are 11 players, 11 of us, there is the referee, the goals, there are two matches, home and away to deal with.

“Should we meet these teams next then we certainly won’t start the tie as beaten.

“We’ll certainly give it a go, knowing where our work so far has brought us. And we certainly want to grow over the next few years.”