Monday April 8 2013
Zanetti blasts ‘shameful’ penalty

Inter captain Javier Zanetti is fuming at the penalty decision awarded against his side in the 4-3 loss to Atalanta.

The Milan giants were 3-1 up when the referee gave the Bergamo boys a spot-kick. The away side eventually won a seven-goal thriller.

“I’ve been through many negative situations like the one from this evening, but lately they always happen to us,” the South American noted.

“I’m talking about the non-existent penalty that Atalanta received, which is really shameful.

“The referee told us he saw a handball from Walter Samuel and we told him he’d see from the replay that it was never there.”

Zanetti also felt that his side should have been given a penalty for a foul on Andrea Ranocchia. “The replays speak for themselves,” he added.

“I won’t say anymore because I don’t want us to risk punishment for these things as well.”

Inter have now lost three of their last four games in Serie A. “The team did not deserve to lose, absolutely not.

“We never lost our belief in spite of everything. But the penalty episode, although I don’t want to come back to this, changed the game.

“When we were leading 3-1 we had the game in our hands. When it went to 3-2 it gave Atalanta confidence.”