Friday April 12 2013
Berlusconi won’t sell Milan

Milan will continue to be a key part of the Berlusconi family empire, Barbara Berlusconi has stated.

In an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport, the official, daughter of owner Silvio, insisted that winning trophies was still a topic of conversation around the dinner table.

“My father has given us an understanding – Milan is a piece of your heart,” Barbara Berlusconi commented on Friday.

“The Berlusconi family will never sell the club. Creating partnerships to inject new capital and expanding is one thing, to sell the club to someone else is another. And that won’t happen.”

Milan were a powerhouse in the 1990s and early 2000s, but they have had to cut costs in recent times which has seen their squad weakened.

“We want to have healthy accounts, it is a matter of necessity, because we want to work within the parameters of Financial Fair Play, but also given the state of the economy,” she added.

“Saying that, our primary goal is to remain at the highest level.

“The idea is to grow top players in house, though that does not mean that we will no longer sign any. The purchase of Mario Balotelli proves that.

“But transfer fees and salaries have reached unacceptable levels and, I repeat, Milan do not want to run the risk of exploding.”

Balotelli was signed in January at a cost of €20m and he’s aiding the club’s bid to finish in the top three.

“Milan is the most successful club in the world, we have won a lot in Europe,” Berlusconi continued.

“It is a Champions League club and will continue to be. That doesn’t mean we have to win it every year, but we have to be in it every year and get as far as possible.”