Thursday April 18 2013
It’s decision time at Inter

Inter’s season took another blow on Wednesday with Coppa Italia elimination. Varun Mathure looks at whether the lessons of this term will affect the future. 

It has not been the best of seasons for Inter and the Coppa Italia exit against Roma last night took away the only hope of a bright spot. With just six rounds to go until the end of this campaign, Inter and Massimo Moratti face a big decision going into next term.

Last year was supposed to be the start of a ‘project’ at Inter, but numerous factors have hindered its growth and a proper evaluation is tough to make. Inter look to have failed in their pre-season objective of securing Champions League football with the team nine points behind Milan who sit in third place.

The reasons for this are numerous, but their poor form in the second-half of this season has to be the prime one for their downfall. The Nerazzurri have collected just 15 points from 14 games this side of 2013, with four wins, three draws and seven losses. While injuries have played a factor here, the team has struggled to recreate the form that saw them end Juve’s unbeaten streak.

And this is where the main question facing Moratti comes up – who exactly can be held accountable for such a slump? Inter’s missteps in the transfer market certainly played their part as they failed to secure a proper back-up for Diego Milito and let Marko Livaja go out on loan to Atalanta. Following the Argentine’s injury, things really went pear shaped.

There were other issues too with the transfer policy as Inter decided not to reinforce their defence, despite the injuries to Walter Samuel and Cristian Chivu and the poor displays by Matias Silvestre. The lack of cover has seen Inter concede 26 goals in their 14 games this year, which is the second-most in the League behind only Pescara.

Eyebrows were also raised with the decision to let Philippe Coutinho leave for Liverpool. Inter did sign a very good prospect in Mateo Kovacic with the money available, but whether he was really what the Serpenti needed at that point of season is a matter up for debate. Coutinho’s departure left Inter with the much maligned Ricky Alvarez as the only player capable of taking on opposing defenders and moving play forward rapidly.

Given all these factors, one would be led to conclude that Inter technical director Marco Branca has a case to answer for. It should also be noted that Branca was responsible for Wesley Sneijder’s abrupt departure from the club in January. However, at the same time, young tactician Stramaccioni has also made more than a few errors along the way.

Strama’s policy of adjusting his squad to the opposition paid rich dividends at the start of the season, with Inter being extremely dangerous on the counter. However, as the season wore on opponents seized on to this fact and realised that the Nerazzurri were not too good at creating opportunities when forced to take the initiative.

His constant shuffling of the squad and formations also prevented the team from establishing a style of play which has always been a hallmark for most successful teams. But, perhaps, his greatest error came about in how he set out his defence. The three-man defence worked for a while, before falling apart towards the end of last year.

The huge number of injuries have certainly not helped Strama’s cause, but one can’t blame them for Inter having accumulated lesser points than the likes of Siena, Torino and Bologna in the past 14 games. While he certainly did start brightly, the Roman’s inexperience has shown as the season has worn on.

Another criticism of Strama in some sectors has been his failure to bring in more players from the Primavera. One of the things fans looked forward to at the start of the season was seeing many of the successful NextGen squad integrated into the senior party. Marco Benassi has been the only one given a proper chance to feature so far.

There have been mistakes made this year, but now Inter face an even more important decision than last summer. Moratti will have to evaluate whether he wants to continue to put his faith in Stramaccioni and give him another shot, or to start over once again with a more experienced Coach in an effort to get his side back into the top tier of Europe.

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@Pidhi i Sorres Hahaha why so hurt about being lost on the record? which one more hurt keeping the record but didn't win the title? What for we should remember strama lol, you and strama would remember juve win the title this year hahaha To brainwash the fans? lol how about FOUND GUILTY on Violating Sporting Fraud and didn't get punished! 
on the 21st April, 2013 at 10:27pm
Lol, I didnt say "on the pitch" was invented by strama, cuz it would have no meaninig. I know it was started by your club to brainwash their fans and play the victim card. The fact that strama used it with a lot of sarcasm after we inflicted the first defeat on your new stadium burns u so bad. U will celebrate the scudetto soon, but that defeat will hurt for so long, hence u will remember strama.

I wont be replying anymore, I already wasted a lot of time with a juventini
on the 21st April, 2013 at 1:43pm
Even if Inter had a full team without injuries next season, too many key players are already over their peak to realistically get CL football, which a club like Inter should be getting every year. Out XL; Samuel, Chivo (wow, he sucks now), JZ (yes he adds nothing more either just a name now, decent multi sub), Cambiasso, Milito (should be a sub not the key striker at 35 / 36), Stankovic (only costst money, horrendous innjury prone player, not fit for serie B) They need 3 or 4 new quality players
on the 21st April, 2013 at 10:04am
@Pidhi i Sorres

WRONG! on the pitch was started by Juventus because they took away the scudetto to your fake champion inCHEAter

Therefore Juventus claim it that they won those 2 scudetto ON THE PITCH! EVEN they wrote that on the jersey "30 SUL CAMPO"

Wasn't that coach who gonna get sacked that started it LOL

whats next?
on the 21st April, 2013 at 4:12am
@Pidhi i Sorres

Clearly u lack of respect from juve, this is the first time under conte, and the only italian go further through in CL, Bayern were more superior no doubt about it but how long bayern been in CL ? quite some time even they are finalist last year.

Calling milan go off with honor really made me laugh! Milan were leading 2-0 and end up eliminated lol such an honor!

Proved it that juve won the scudetto off the pitch this time?

2013 JUVENTUS CHAMPIONS! like it or not haha
on the 21st April, 2013 at 4:03am
One more thing. Juve's true strength was exposed in the CL I think. Even a very weakened AC Milan side got out of CL with more honor than Juve. I guess the "No Rizzoli" effect had too much impact cuz you were not only beaten, but outplayed and exposed way too much.
The hilarious thing was how your team tried to make like a general Calcio problem afer the match! Wasn't Serie A in a state similar to this in 2010 also?

Congratulations on your Scudetto, which you are winning on and off the pitch!
on the 20th April, 2013 at 2:55pm
'juve4ever', of course they are gonna win it, they have the best team, but do not forget that until the half of the season they had quite a few decisions go their way (just to make sure I believe).

And about your question Who cares about the unbeaten record? well I think a lot of u fans (like mustafaa and u) do, because the phrase "on the pitch" was said by strama after the match and you all keep using it whenever the talk is about sacking him
on the 20th April, 2013 at 2:48pm
@pidhi l osers

Who cares about the unbeaten record. The most important thing is the scudetto. And juve gonna win it on the pitch hahahahaha

Strama may be sacked on the pitch too hahaha

on the 20th April, 2013 at 1:03pm
Inter have had 47!!!!! injuries this season (47!!!), and really not the first year with a huge number of injuries either (I remember Benitez critizied Inter's med. staff 2 years ago), and with that many injuries even Mourinho would strougle to preforme!
on the 20th April, 2013 at 10:13am
So by your logic, when your black and white team loses its that they played bad? It cant be that the opposition beat them .... On the pitch hahah
Strama did it on the pitch 'juve4ever'. And u will remember him, even if he will be sacked and gone for good.

On the pitch kid
on the 20th April, 2013 at 9:34am
Hahaha juve played bad when inter beat them everyone knows that

What happened when they played good?? Last year twice the game juve won. Last month juve won again 2-1

There was no calciopoli on 1990 up to 2005 stop making it up

InCHEAter got karma right now

And juve will gonna win scudetto

on the 20th April, 2013 at 7:38am
Juve fans so hurt that it was this man who ended their record, on the pitch, on the pitch
on the 19th April, 2013 at 5:26pm
I'm all about not been in a hate war with fans from rival team, but Juve fans and their denial really annoys me. The fact is, not only did Juve did not want to investigate from 1990 onwards (for obvious reasons), but to say Inter cheated too is blasphemy. The content of the calls Fachetti made and the ones Moggi made were very different, but because Fachetti shouldn't have called, they want to put blame on Inter cheating on that that technicality.
on the 19th April, 2013 at 2:58pm
We all saw what Inter is was capable of doing with a full squad, they went to Juventus Stadium and beat Juve 3-1. Inter hads to deal with too many injury problems and ref errors. Strama was doing a fine job, he's right to say that this season is cursed. He cant work miracle
on the 19th April, 2013 at 2:57pm
I am not an Inter-Milano fan, but if Moratti keeps Strama and suppose the coach does well; it would set an example of keeping faith on young coaches. I love Italian football and I want to see significant changes to its infrastructure even in hiring inexperienced coaches. RATHER than reading some irresponsible, unproductive, un-subjective, full of hate comments raised by juve fans / inter fans etc... make love and peace for the sake of Italia. Leave Hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on the 19th April, 2013 at 10:47am
Ciao! Varun probably you should take notes in most of the comments and to ask; "DAAAA was the post about calciopoli / Juve vs Inter !! People wake up! and get rid of this hate thing. Start to be more subjective rather than pointless! Varun post about Inter and the reasons of Inter-Milano downfall DAAAAAAA!!! You guys have black heart inside of you and never ever want to develop your brains! Varun if you ask me; I would like to see Moratti keeps Strama as in football consistency is a plus.
on the 19th April, 2013 at 10:40am
Statute of limitations protected Inter? Yes, but let me remind you that when Jube wanted to open the subject, Moratti agreed, but under the condition that the statute of limitations will go down to 1990, so we can see all the frauds before. Jube refused. Why did they refuse if they we're so sure that they we're innocent? the answer is because they are not. They are the scum of Italian football, and everyone knows it.
on the 19th April, 2013 at 1:09am
I dont really like to go for an useless debate about calciopoli you juventini had started. as I love serie A no matter what, and I've been so for like 25 years.
what I meant is, please kids, read the history. serie A didnt start at 2006. And you'll see why, in pre-2006 everyone hated juve
on the 19th April, 2013 at 12:43am
You make out like juve are innocent. Get your facts right, stefano palazzi isn't an inter board member. If inter were so culpable, where was the evidence in 2006? I suspect most top clubs had a degree of involvement but the most guilty were sought first. Juve lost "their" scudetto and players because they had cheated and got caught. Boo hoo poor juve victims.
Strama's naievity has shown this season and there's been too many injuries.
Nobody likes us, we don't care.
Forza inter
on the 18th April, 2013 at 10:58pm
When Juve or AC or any other Italian club matches or surpasses the Record's Inter set (17 wins in a row, most points in a season, most goals, a Quintuple and the only club to have spent it's entire history in Serie A) then speak about the rises and falls lol
on the 18th April, 2013 at 10:39pm

If no statue of limitation i wonder where inCHEAter right now?

You keep laughing about the broken record

And we gonna laugh even more to win the title hahahahaha
on the 18th April, 2013 at 10:26pm
Let me remind you of your denial:
Statute of limitations prevented Inter from going to C2 for SPORTING FRAUD.
Congratulations on hiding the evidence until the statute expired...

Zeru tituli

Inter will never rise again. They have no infrastructure whilst Moratti is in charge and your manager is too busy blaming refs than working on his predictable tactics.
Now that's denial!
on the 18th April, 2013 at 9:47pm
I'm not a juve fan, but those who keep living in denial is you and perhaps almost all of interisti. It was proven plain and clear, inter did exactly what juve did, but the prosecutor (he was member of inter's board) overlooking it. Later, when all facts comes out, the case is already expired due to the rules. You stole juve's players, juve's scudetti, and mock them. Now you back to where you belong, mid table. And next time, try to treat your champions better.
on the 18th April, 2013 at 9:41pm
I hear inter want to sign zednek zeman, lol does the stupid club not learn. How the hell is morrati an oil baron? The guy is as thick as a brush. There is only one hope for inter, and that is to pray that morrati gets the hell away from the club or mourinho comes back.
on the 18th April, 2013 at 8:38pm
Alex ferguson ain't even that good when you look at his tenure and trophies. Inter only started winning when they stole juve's players after 2006. They then got mourinho who single handedly signed a number of very good players in each area of the team. Notice the pattern, mourinho leaves, inter turn into a mid table team.
on the 18th April, 2013 at 8:35pm
To all the Juve fans... Calciopoli was Juventus cheating (keep living in denial)... Inter belongs at the top as a big European team, so enjoy you current upward curve, it will not last forever. And for the time being, we Inter fans while we wait for our team to get back to the top, we will keep laughing at the historic first lost, broken streak we gave you this season, I bet you guys are still butt hurt that it was us. keep trolling and we'll keep reminding u
on the 18th April, 2013 at 8:28pm
I hope Moratti gives him a chance to prove himself with a better squad lets not forget with no injuries inter can beat any side home or away in Serie A .. I don't think inter needs world class signings due to the economic problems, Just get him Naingolaan along with Ruben Botta and Icardi ,, I'm sure Strama will kick ass next season.
on the 18th April, 2013 at 8:21pm
Saw the Inter v Roma game. Jonathan's goal but most importantly the team play was superb. However, Inter do not strike fear into any opposition any more. Every team knows they'll be able to get a few goals against them. Inter do not need a full revamp however they do need a new coach to bring self belief back and a proper no.10 to create. Ricky Alvarez is an awful player...Should have sold him and not Coutinho...Look how well he is doing at Liverpool.
on the 18th April, 2013 at 7:35pm
For all those criticizing the sale of Coutinho think back to when all of Inter was holding their breath for him to become the star he was expected to be. We knew what he was capable of but he never delivered. Under different coaches that had varying levels of confidence in him, Coutinho never delivered. Getting past opposition defences;he never delivered on that consistently. At least from his sale we got Kovacic who has been more consistent in his few months than Coutinho was in his few years.
on the 18th April, 2013 at 7:32pm
The level of hate for Inter is amazing and is clearly clouding the judgement of the comments here. Inter has a terrible injury crisis. It might be due to poor preparation methods but any team with so many first team players out injured will struggle just as bad. With so many first team players out good tactics become less important to achieving success because you have to rely on second string players. So all the talk of tactics in light of the injury crisis is pointless.
on the 18th April, 2013 at 7:26pm

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