Monday May 27 2013
‘Super Cup venue can change, if…’

Claudio Lotito has suggested that Lazio are open to a location change for the Supercoppa Italiana, so long as they get paid.

Lazio are now considering their commitments to 2013-14’s season opener against League winners Juventus, having defeated Roma at the weekend to win the Italian Cup.

The Supercoppa is scheduled to be played in Beijing once more this year, but there are doubts over Juventus’ commitment to that in the wake of a preseason trip to the USA concluding just three days prior.

“We have to honour the contract for Beijing, but if Juventus, for their own reasons, do not feel able to play in China but elsewhere, we must have the same revenue that we were guaranteed in Beijing,” Lotito declared to La Politica today.

“In the USA? We are willing to play there but only with the same income.”

Lotito also passed comment on Vladimir Petkovic’s future at the Stadio Olimpico.

“For Lazio, contracts have always been fulfilled. Lazio have made an investment in Petkovic, the balance is positive beyond the results. With Petkovic we can set up a program to restore Lazio to the top international level.

“We want to reinforce the team with players that can make them even more competitive. We will try for a program with the Coach that will meet the needs of the team.

“This is a great family in which all express their opinion. Then, in the end, I decide on the basis of reinforcement. 

“I brought a person to this club [in Petkovic] who the non believers criticised and asked to be sacked after the winter break.

“He is the right person in Rome for his moral and professional qualities. Yesterday we were seen as sacrificial lambs, but we separated from that to find the serenity and concentration and we won with the head and the heart, as well as with the quality, thanks to the Coach who has put together the team.

“We have a completely different future because the team will be reinforced in different roles.”

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