Wednesday July 10 2013
‘Thohir in no hurry for Inter’

Erick Thohir’s consultant has made clear that the Indonesian has set no deadlines for completing an investment in Inter and could wait ‘months’.

Thohir has been in continued negotiations with Nerazzurro owner Massimo Moratti over the past few weeks to negotiate a proposed percentage purchase in the club.

Whilst Moratti has indicated that a deal is not as close as people think, someone working closely with Thohir has suggested that Thohir is equally prepared to wait.

“Erick is in no hurry,” Anthony Macri explained to reporters this week.

“He does not want Inter tomorrow, he has not set a date for which to conclude a deal or otherwise abandon it. It is not his style.

“He will wait as long as is necessary, whether that is days or months.

“I do not recommend to him what to buy. Once he has made a purchase, I help to make it more productive.

“He has chosen Inter out of passion, for the time spent with his father and brother watching Serie A on television as a kid. Besides his investment philosophy. He transforms - Republika was a small newspaper, today it is powerful.

“Sport is a key to presence in Indonesia - he is famous today. That is why Inter. The goal is make them a global brand, as today Manchester United, Liverpool and Real Madrid are.”

Macri was asked of Thohir’s intentions for changing the Nerazzurri.

“Before changing anything, everything will be valued. San Siro has tradition, it is part of Inter, it is not easy to give that up.

“Moratti? He does not want to destroy the past, he respects him. He is looking for the right formula to live with the Moratti family - he plans to continue with them, then bring in a group of Indonesian entrepreneurs, not Americans.

“And Inter will remain for its fans. For him, the support of the house is crucial. The negotiations are fine, if they were to fall through then he would be very disappointed.”