Sunday October 13 2013
Star-studded Parma Centenary

Hernan Crespo, Gianfranco Zola, Lilian Thuram, Fabio Cannavaro and Tino Asprilla were among the players in a star-studded Parma Centenary match.

The club was founded 100 years ago and today the Stadio Tardini was host to an array of legends who have worn the Gialloblu jersey.

In pure fantasy football style, Zola played alongside Antonio Cassano and 70-year-old goalkeeper Boranga.

The Stelle Gialloblu took a commanding early lead thanks to Dino Baggio and an Asprilla brace, but the Stelle Crociate turned it all around for a thrilling 7-5 victory.

The 70-minute match saw Crespo and Mario Stanic both net twice.

Stelle Gialloblu 5-7 Stelle Crociate

Scorers: D Baggio 5 (SG), Asprilla 20, pen 25 (SG), C Lucarelli 28 (SC), Crespo 30, 64 (SC), Stanic 43, 61 (SC), Corradi 50 (SG), Milosevic 58 (SG), Fuser 59 (SC), Palladino 63 (SC)

Stelle Gialloblu: Taffarel (Mirante 36) (Bucci 50), Ze Maria, Minotti (Mattioli 36), Crippa (Mboma 34) (Amauri 50), Couto (Corradi 36), D Baggio, Barbuti (Milosevic 22), Asprilla (Fiore 36), Mussi (Donati 20), F Cannavaro, Pizzi

Stelle Crociate: Boranga (Ballotta 15), Benarrivo (Blomqvist 10), Di Chiara (Barone 36), Bia (Carbona 36), Apolloni (Caneo 42) (Palladino 57), A Lucarelli (Thuram 25), Melli (Cardone 36), Boghossian (Fuser 36), C Lucarelli (Stanic 36), Zola (Crespo 10), Cassano (Cardone 12)

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