Thursday December 12 2013
Giaccherini won’t return to Italy

Emanuele Giaccherini will not be leaving Sunderland for a return to Italy in January, insists his agent.

Recent speculation has focused on the ex-Juventus midfielder being linked with Inter, despite the Nerazzurri distancing themselves from the reports.

Since moving to the Premiership last summer for €7.5m, the 28-year-old has made 13 starts for the Black Cats and hopes he can retain his place in the Azzurri squad for the World Cup.

“These are just baseless rumours,” said agent Giulio Marinelli. “Emanuele is happy in England, he has settled well both in the team and in the English way of life.

“The Premier League is a beautiful competition, perhaps the best in Europe. The stadiums are great and the quality of life is exceptional.

“The only drawback at this time is the team’s performances, but the squad is good and I am convinced that they will climb up the table.

“His personal goal is still to go to the World Cup.”

Meanwhile, his Coach Gus Poyet claims that Giaccherini reminds him of his ex-teammate at Chelsea and former Azzurri hero Gianfranco Zola.

“When we got close to the box at Chelsea, we gave it to Zola. He would always do something with it,” he said.

“That’s why he was so good because he would find the final pass, the shot or the runner. That’s quality. We’re trying to get Giaccherini to do that for us.

“We’ve seen him play for Italy and the position he played in last month’s 2-2 draw against Nigeria where he linked things. We can improve as a team to use the characteristics of the players.”