Tuesday December 24 2013
Zaccheroni fears Prandelli’s Italy

Japan boss Alberto Zaccheroni is hoping to avoid a World Cup 2014 clash with Cesare Prandelli’s Italy side.

“I really admire the work of Prandelli,” the former Milan, Inter and Juventus boss commented. “Not only do Italy get results, but they also play a brand of football that is liked.

“Despite the fact that the level of the Italian game has decreased, given the decrease in economical power, the national side remains at a high level.

“All of the colleagues that I met at the World Cup draw told me that they would never want to face the Italians.”

If both Italy and Japan qualify, there is a possibility that they could meet in the last 16 of the competition in Brazil.

“We’re in a group with Colombia, the strongest, Greece and the Ivory Coast,” Zac added. “I think we can look to qualify.

“Colombia are from another planet, I think they can go all of the way. They remind me of Spain, in the way that they never win but then suddenly have all of the ingredients to do so.”

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