Monday January 13 2014
‘Rossi unhappy, situation unclear’

Giuseppe Rossi’s agent has described the Fiorentina man as ‘low in spirits’ amid uncertainty over his knee injury.

Despite a consultation with knee specialist Dr Richard Steadman in the United States at the end of last week, the player must wait two to three weeks before further tests can confirm whether or not he requires another operation on the joint.

“Unfortunately, Giuseppe’s mood is not the best,” agent Andrea Pastorello has told Radio Anch’io Sport today.

“The shock of the moment has passed, but he still feels low in spirits It is probably because the diagnosis is hard to come by. Even professor [Richard] Steadman could not give us a precise picture of his knee.

“We do not have to give a precise statement on time, because we do not know. What is certain is that there is a second degree injury to the medial collateral ligament, which is less of a worry.

“The problem is the stress the cruciate ligament has suffered that no-one can quantify. It is a stress that can affect the stability of the knee and this must be assessed.

“The cruciate was not broken, but if the knee is not as stable as before then it can create problems.

“Operations have not been discussed, neother by the medical staff at Fiorentina nor by professor Steadman.

“I am working with more the man than the player. We are rebuilding his will to fight. He is a fighter, he loves football and loves to be in the field. When we have the diagnosis, we will find the strength.

“We have been given guarantees of his 100 per cent recovery, but we do not yet know the recovery time.

“Rossi is a treasure and should be protected. He is a model of pure football. But we cannot see what has to be done when the situation is not clear.”