Tuesday January 21 2014
‘Iturbe, Jorginho will be great’

Andrea Mandorlini has enthused at Juan Iturbe and Jorginho’s talents, prophesising that the pair will go on to have ‘successful careers’.

The duo have been notable performers for Verona upon their return to Serie A, with Jorginho completing a move to Napoli last week and Iturbe increasingly linked with clubs come the summer and the end of his loan spell from Porto.

For the Coach to have worked with them through the first half of the season, the pair are special.

“Iturbe is a playmaker who has a lot of technique and also an impressive speed, not only in his legs but also with his mind,” Mandorlini has enthused on Tiki Taka this week.

“He can play for one of the big three. Jorginho is a player that has features that are not common, he is very good at handling the ball.

“He can also play in a midfield two, even if he is accustomed to a three. He and Iturbe have great quality, they will have successful careers.”

Mandorlini was also asked about Verona’s weekend defeat at Milan, which came courtesy of Mario Balotelli’s late penalty, conceded by Alejandro Gonzalez.

“Milan were tired, we revived them with an incredible mistake, I must speak with Gonzalez because I did not understand his mistake.

“It is too bad as he did have a very good game. We were wrong in attack too, we could not finish and so the game ended as it did.”

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