Thursday January 30 2014
‘Serie A could lose its competitiveness’

Andrea Agnelli has appealed to Italy’s government to intervene before Serie A and Juventus ‘lose their competitiveness’.

Hosting the 10th edition of the Giovanni Agnelli Parliamentary Association this week, which calls together a number of political leaders in the peninsula, the Bianconeri’s President took the opportunity to pull support on helping to develop the national game further.

“The inaction of this country and this parliament is taking away the competitiveness of Italian football and of Juventus, the leading squad in the sport,” Agnelli is quoted by the Gazzetta dello Sport as delivering.

“Football is an exceptional showcase for the country, but its future is in jeopardy. We need serious reforms and fast. We do not ask for finance.

“We represent every year 1.6 per cent of the national GDP, we only ask that you to develop. Only a single text on sport, a reform of the labour law. Our players are treated as employees, but are billed like companies.

“We hope to have our brands better protected against counterfeiting, as is done abroad. And we would like laws on planning, because it cannot be possible that only Juventus has a stadium in Italy at the level of the British and German clubs.

“Without these interventions, Juventus will lose competitiveness, while we want to excel in Europe. I am sure that you would like excellence for our country.”

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