Friday January 31 2014
‘No Lazio-Bonaventura talks’ but…

Giacomo Bonaventura’s agent has indicated there has been no contact from Lazio, but the player is reported as asking for a transfer.

The No 10 has been linked with a move to the Aquile late in the transfer window, as a replacement for Hernanes, should the Brazilian complete a move to Inter, as is increasingly expected.

Yesterday, however, Bonaventura’s agent was cornered on the speculation and played it down.

“At the moment, nothing,” Giocondo Martorelli told

“This is a deal that has been trotted out by the Roman Press. I have not received proposals from Lazio, whilst I know of no contact between the clubs.

“Obviously a proposal from a big club would be appreciated by the player. But to speak now would only be hot air since there is nothing solid with Lazio.”

SportMediaset follow this up on Friday morning with the suggestion that the 24-year-old will ask Atalanta for a transfer.