Thursday February 13 2014
‘Maradona touched by reception’

The lawyer of Diego Maradona has spoken of his client’s gratitude towards the Napoli fans who welcomed him back to the San Paolo.

The Azzurri icon was in attendance as his former side swept aside Roma to reach the final of the Coppa Italia last night.

“I want to thank the Napoli fans who showed all their love to Diego,” Angelo Pisani told Radio Crc.

“He was moved by the affection showed to him and it made him emotional.

“We could barely walk into the ground and our lateness was down to the fact that so many fans wanted to hug him!

“Diego’s tears showed his joy. There was also a handshake and a hug between him and De Laurentiis.

“Last night was a party for all Neapolitans and the city of Napoli.

“Diego added some extra energy to the magic of the evening and the President understood the value of what Diego could give to the team and the fans.”

Maradona is currently fighting a federal court case against charges of tax fraud.

“At the moment we are in Rome but in the evening we will come back to Napoli. Diego wants to meet some of his old friends.

“Then tomorrow we will hopefully conclusively clear Diego of any wrongdoing with regard to tax fraud.

“The greatest desire of his is to clear himself in front of the tax authorities and show the taxpayers that he has never taken a single euro from anyone.

“Few people thought we could bring Diego back to the San Paolo.

“I realised a dream of mine and of so many fans who wanted him back home.

“Now, all we need to do is clear our name.”