Thursday February 20 2014
‘I want Roma in Champions League’

Rudi Garcia has explained how his ambitious nature determines his longevity at a club, as he outlines Champions League qualification with Roma.

The Giallorosso tactician turns 50 today and has marked this with the release of an autobiography, ‘All roads lead to Rome’.

“This is mainly a moment in time,” Garcia has explained this week to French outlet 20minutes.

“I am someone who makes use of the past, but I am not nostalgic. I prefer to act in the present. But, I wanted to ‘put a foot on the ball’, so to speak, to look back on my career so far.”

Garcia has explained that he is also looking forward and specifically to taking Roma back to the Champions League.

“Yes, honestly that is my next goal. Currently we still need to qualify for the Champions League with Roma and above all else then have the means to do well and to be competitive.

“It is my ambition and I hope it will also be that of the club.

“Being unsatisfied is both an eternal qualify to always move forward and a defect, in the sense that you are never happy with what you have.

“It is part of the ambitious nature I have. And when the ambition of the club is in line with mine, it goes well.

“Indeed, I have changed club when I have felt it was difficult to do better. At Le Mans, there were four players out of contract and Romaric and Sessegon leaving.

“And then at Lille, the cycle ended with a change of economic direction and so logically and normally, it led to my departure.”

The Frenchman was asked if he particularly values communication in his position.

“Yes, because to lead a group of players and technical staff, just as with the relations with directors and the Press, it seems essential to have this exchange.

“Communication is very important. Then, there is what is said in-house with the players, which is a bit like with a family, in which one can say everything, and then there is the external communication where we need to protect the group and where things do not come out of the dressing room, because I do not see the point.”

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