Thursday February 20 2014
Samuel: My future? We’ll see

Walter Samuel says that he is focused on playing and that he will only evaluate his future with Inter at a later date.

The 35-year-old is speculated as intending to leave the Nerazzurri after nine seasons this summer to return to play out his days in Argentine football.

Asked of his plans for beyond this season, the centre-back reflected that his focus is mainly on playing.

“With my friends I always talk of Argentine football and we follow it because everyone has their own team,” began Samuel to InterNOS this week.

“For the future, however, I can say that I am not thinking about it. I am going day by day.

“I will evaluate everything, even what the club thinks. Let’s see, I want to play and then eventually we will look at things.

“I just like to play and as long as my legs respond I will continue to do so. I get very upset when I cannot train for a particular issue.

“I love to laugh with my teammates. When I leave football, this will be the saddest part of all.

“My condition? We train well, not just me, and I believe that anyone who has entered the field this season has done well. We only have the one competition and we need to always give our best.

“After the game played against Udinese I felt good, but I knew I had to wait for my time and for the selections of the Coach. Having one game a week, we are all playing for a place.

“Yes it is odd not to have European football. We are accustomed to playing several times during the week.”

Samuel revealed that things could have been so different in his career.

“I played up to the age of 12 as a forward, and there was another guy in defence. After we had played a while like this, we switched positions because I could never score.

“I started playing in defence and then at Newell’s it all began. Without this moment, I do not think I would be here.”

Samuel, who in the interview also played down his reputation as a hard man and admitted that he is shy, also had some words of encouragement for Andrea Ranocchia.

“We are all behind him, there are such moments. He began well, but then things have changed. He does not have to prove anything to anyone, he plays in the national team and I hope that he can go to Brazil.

“There are no doubts about him, in Serie A he does not have to prove anything to anyone.”