Tuesday February 25 2014
‘If another Hernanes is available…’

Inter President Erick Thohir has briefly discussed Nemanja Vidic, and says if the chance to sign more players like Hernanes is there, he will take it.

The Nerazzurri are seen as close to securing a deal to sign Vidic on a Bosman deal from Manchester United for the summer, and arriving in Italy last week Thohir commented that it is 90 per cent complete.

However, pressed on the progress of the move this week, the 43-year-old has taken a more reluctant line.

“The deal has not yet been announced and I will not go over it. I will talk about new players only when contracts are signed,” responded Thohir to the Corriere dello Sport this week.

So, Thohir was asked if there was a chance of other big names following January arrival Hernanes to the club.

“I did not decide to buy Hernanes. The decision was made by all members of the club because we believe that he will be useful for Inter, not only for these six months but in the coming years.

“That said, if in June we will identify another element that can give us an equally important contribution, we will spend the money and try to bring him to Milan.

“How many champions are missing from the team? I believe in team play and I did not fall in love only with a club built only with superstars.

“The players you must build up are in the academy, it is not just about spending money. That’s why I prefer Arsenal to United and Barcelona to Real Madrid.

“In addition to other important players who arrive, I want to place into the team the products of our youth team.”

The Indonesian was asked of the possibility of one day signing Lionel Messi.

“To have Messi at Inter would be great, but I do not think we can buy him at this time.

“In Indonesia, however, there is an African who is called Messi. And what if we bought him?”