Wednesday March 5 2014
Prandelli ‘tired’ of bad conduct

Italy Coach Cesare Prandelli has responded to criticism of his well-publicised code of ethics by saying player behaviour needs to improve.

The former Fiorentina tactician said he was fed up of footballers being in the headlines for the wrong reasons and that his code reflected that.

“Will I relax the code? Absolutely not, I won’t make a U-turn” Prandelli said in an interview with Rai Sport.

“I’m fed up of seeing the game of football include elbowing, punching and spitting. I really don’t like it.

“Every time I have a disagreement or argument with a colleague or fellow Coach I find it embarrassing for my profession.

“On the eve of important games like this, everyone should be pulling in the same direction and working towards creating a positive atmosphere.”

The Azzurri boss then commented on tonight’s friendly with Spain.

“Alessio Cerci has a great opportunity tonight,” he said. “He has changed position, now he is a second striker who is different to what he was in the past.

“He is much better at finishing and much more assured.

“Regarding Spain we must absolutely not fear them.

“The important thing will be to come through difficult situations mentally and put them under pressure.”