Tuesday March 11 2014
‘Atleti are favourites, but…’

Amadeo Carboni considers that whilst Milan ‘lack victories’ and Atletico Madrid ‘have the advantage’, nothing is certain in tonight’s meeting.

The two clubs face off for a place in the Champions League quarter-finals, with Atleti holding the advantage of home support, a one-goal lead from the first leg and the better domestic form.

For one former Italian full-back to have played in La Liga, though, nothing is settled just yet.

“There are a lack of victories [for Milan],” Carboni has conceded today to Tuttomercatoweb.

“But, playing well is important, when you play a good game then the chance to get a result is always there.

“They have changed the way they play, which their Coach is someone who is also a former teammate.

“In holding pace with Real Madrid, Diego Simeone and his management should be given credit at Atletico Madrid.

“Clearly Atletico have the advantage against Milan for playing at home and with the one goal lead.

“But football is beautiful because you never know what can happen.”

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