Tuesday March 11 2014
Agnelli backs Scirea’s widow

Andrea Agnelli has backed the widow of Juventus legend Gaetano Scirea for complaints against discriminatory chants, and also urged that focus is correct.

Mariella Scirea has spoken this week of her desire to see her late husband’s name taken down from the south stand at Juventus Stadium that bears it, if discriminatory chants from the Juve Ultras it is home to do not stop.

Reports from the Gazzetta dello Sport alleged that there were anti-Semitic chants from a section of the Juve support during the weekend game against Fiorentina and the Bianconeri have been reported to the FIGC by prosecutors on that charge.

Considering this today, the Bianconeri's President has backed Mariella, but also asked for perspective in coverage of the wider issue at hand.

“It was a legitimate reaction - we are against all forms of discrimination," club President Agnelli has told reporters today.

“The name of her husband is tied to the curva where the most passionate fans are and we are proud of this, but it takes a strong and unified message against all forms of discrimination, even if we also must not give too much resonance to certain marginal events.

“Juventus have previously been punished with the closure of curva on the occasions of chants that have been heard by all.

“On Sunday, myself and my colleagues have not heard anything, whilst, even if there is an audio file, I am surprised by the fact that, despite the stadium having advanced technology, we are unable to identify the few people that are responsible.

“We must be careful not to emphasise certain situations, otherwise you are likely to give visibility to 20-30 people, who do not deserve it.

“It is something else if the chants are clear - I and my colleagues, for example, did not hear it. The battle is also in the world of information, which must enhance positive initiatives.

“I went to UNESCO to present the Juve project, I made a joke about Pogba and the next day the joke about Pogba was reported with great fanfare and nothing about the meeting at UNESCO.”

Fiorentina fans are also facing disciplinary proceedings for fans who displayed on Sunday banners in reference to the Heysel tragedy.

“A piece of paper written by a kid. One cannot emphasise things when at the stadium there are 30,000 people, otherwise it can create a spirit of emulation.

“These are guys who do not know what Heysel is or what happened in Brussels.”

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