Monday March 24 2014
‘Seedorf? There’s only one Guardiola’

Alessandro Calori says Clarence Seedorf needs time at Milan, but warns that Pep Guardiola’s example has ‘clouded the minds of many directors’.

Seedorf retired from the game in January to return to the Rossoneri and replace Max Allegri as Coach. However, a poor start to life has the Dutchman already under scrutiny.

For fellow Coach Calori, the expectation that he would follow Pep Guardiola’s successful conversion from player to tactician is part of the issue.

“When it comes to great teams, there are two possibilities - either you win, or you suffer,” the former Brescia and Novara Coach has told Tuttomercatoweb today.

“Is Seedorf a flop? No, he is different. It takes experience. Unfortunately, what Guardiola did has clouded the minds of many directors.

“But there is only one Guardiola.”