Thursday March 27 2014
‘Lazio can still make Europe’

Lazio captain Stefano Mauri still believes his side can qualify for the Europa League despite last night’s loss to Genoa.

The 34-year-old did however concede that the Biancocelesti would have to start getting consistent results and that it was pointless to hope other teams slip up if they can’t win themselves.

“We have one game less but the distance to Parma is still the same,” Mauri told Lazio Style Channel.

“We must put a series of good results together. On Sunday we have a match against a direct rival so we have the chance to close the gap.

“Of course we still believe, we always have. But we need to be consistent, you get nowhere by losing.

“From now on we only need to think about ourselves. It’s useless to look at others’ results if we can’t then get points ourselves.

“From Sunday we need to look to get three wins in a row.”