Friday April 4 2014
Prandelli: Italy not favourites, but…

Cesare Prandelli admits that Italy are not among the favourites for the World Cup, but adds that: “We can beat all the strongest.”

The Azzurri head out to Brazil this summer behind the likes of Brazil, Spain, Germany and Argentina in the betting odds, and with their CT realistic, but also optimistic.

“We are not among the strongest, but we can beat all the strongest,” Prandelli has explained in the latest edition of FIFA Weekly.

“But I would be happy to pass the group stage. I’d be happy to pass the first round. It would not make sense to load the responsibility on a young team like ours, it is more intelligent to set yourself realistic goals.

“ The favourites are as always - Brazil. Spain have dominated in recent years. Germany, because their players have a winning mentality.

“And Argentina for their wealth of talent. Colombia and Belgium are the possible surprises. We can create problems for them all.”