Monday April 7 2014
Napoli ‘to remain at San Paolo’

The mayor of Naples says that Napoli will remain at their current San Paolo home but that the ground will undergo major redevelopment.

Luigi De Magistris also revealed today that major progress is being made in ensuring that work on the stadium upgrades begins as soon as possible.

“I can confirm that we are on the right track,” De Magistris told Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli. “On Friday we sent the necessary documentation to Napoli so that they know the exact fees to be paid.

“Without this there would need to be a delay in proceedings. Napoli will play at San Paolo and there will be a commitment to redeveloping the entire stadium.

“We have now reached an agreement, thanks to De Laurentiis making himself available. He will pay the amount due before we move on to discuss the next steps.

“Sometimes things are not easy to sort out.

“Things will begin to move forward immediately. Once the payment has been received we can sign for the plan to go ahead.

“I would like for the research to be done before the end of the year, at which point there will be a commitment to putting the necessary money in to fund the building of the stadium.

“Will there be an athletics track? There is a commitment to create a project, I will trust those who have designed the most beautiful stadiums.

“I want a project worthy of football and of the city. There will be a debate to discuss the issue, at the moment the most important thing is that we have reached an agreement.

“We may decide to move the stands forward, but we may also decide to leave the athletics track in place.”