Tuesday April 8 2014
Baldissoni: We don’t know rules

Roma general director Mauro Baldissoni is unhappy with the decision to hand striker Mattia Destro a three match ban.

The 23-year-old was found guilty of punching Cagliari defender Davide Astori but Baldisoni believes there is a lack of consistency in the governing bodies’ application of the rules.

“We are shocked and concerned by the role the sporting justice body is taking in this final part of the season,” Baldissoni said to Roma’s official television station.

“We have already discussed the De Rossi incident in the Roma-Inter match, which was another occasion on which video replays were used to punish one of our players.

“The referee assessed the situation and decided to punish the Cagliari defender by awarding Roma a free-kick.

“Someone else however assessed the situation impartially and we now find ourselves punished by slow motion replays again.

“We don’t know what the rules are. There were other incidents even on the same day that could have deserved a different decision to the one the referee gave, but it didn’t happen.

“Who decides which incidents deserve to be viewed again on replay or spark a debate on television?”

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