Tuesday April 15 2014
Conte ‘sorry’ for Benitez row

Juventus Coach Antonio Conte says he is sorry about the way his exchange of words with Rafa Benitez has been reported in the media.

The Napoli boss last week publicly offered to give the Old Lady tactician advice on how to beat Benfica, given that he did so with Chelsea last season.

Conte initially refused but now believes Benitez’s words were twisted by the media in order to give them a negative slant.

“I am sorry that Benitez’s words were reported in a bad way by the media,” Conte said to Rai Sport.

“I’m sorry because it seems to me like Benitez was being serious with what he said, in the sense that he was offering a helping hand.

“Let’s says that some newspapers didn’t report it in the right way.

“I think Benitez was being genuine, so it’s up to me now whether I call him or not.

“Looking at his words now, on his part it looks like it was a serious and genuine offer.

“Reading about it before however it didn’t seem that way, so I’m sorry.

“I know very well that it’s more important to report about a Benitez row with Conte than about an offer by Benitez to Conte.”

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