Wednesday April 16 2014
‘Give Silvio another 100 years!’

Milan C.E.O. Adriano Galliani wants Silvio Berlusconi to remain as Rossoneri President for another 100 years.

The pair have been criticised for their running of the San Siro giants over recent years but the 69-year-old paid tribute to everything Berlusconi has put into the club during his tenure.

“He saved the club from going bankrupt with huge investment,” Galliani today told reporters.

“We have won everything in Italy, in Europe and in the World.

“We should be thanking anyone who has invested the genius, the capabilities and the resources into the club that he has. And I say that as a fan.

“I hope that Berlusconi is President for another 100 years. We need to thank him for putting his know-how, his passion and his money into the club.

“Financial fair play? We are in line with the UEFA rules. I don’t know how the other Italian clubs will do as they have lost €100-200m over recent years.”