Tuesday April 29 2014
Kaka: We’re playing for Europa

Ricky Kaka has reflected on Milan’s current and future objectives, working with Clarence Seedorf and on his intentions beyond the summer.

The Rossoneri’s difficult season has them approaching the final three rounds in search of Europa League qualification.

“You have to understand the moment, now we are playing for the Europa League, which is not the most logical objective for Milan and not for me either,” Kaka has commented this week to Tiki Taka.

“I like the club, I am used to other things, but the situation is this and we must live it, plus, we have this special derby to play.

“Do we want Europa League football? I point you to one example - Roma are having a great season and they have not been in the Cups.

“But the only idea at Milan has been to always be a competitive team, where everyone has the desire to compete internationally.

“This year it will not be the Champions League, and it is certain that our goals should be higher, but for this season this is okay.”

Clarence Seedorf has struggled since his return to the club in capacity as Coach and is expected to leave in the summer.

“He is definitely starting on a different career, but I do not see him as a different person, you must understand that many things that a player sees in one way, a Coach will see in another.

“He is very good and very smart, he will learn everything quickly. I am really happy working with him, he can achieve great things.”

Kaka was asked about the atmosphere in the dressing room.

“The dressing room is nice, united, compact, there is no problem. If a player agrees or disagrees with another it does not mean that there are cracks.

“It is normal that there can be little groups, such as the Italians with the other Italians. For example, I find myself on good terms with Robinho, but it does not mean anything.

“Mario Balotelli? For me he is great, he just needs to win a little more and transform into a protagonist.

“He has a great talent and can become a champion. I am delighted to have him as a teammate because he can determine a game at any moment.

“He can lose his temper for a few seconds but if he puts his head in place as he has been doing, he can become great.”

Kaka was asked about the future both for his club and himself.

“Roma and Juventus have been very good [this season], we need to recover a project on track in the League and towards the Champions League for 2016.

“I personally have done well but it hasn’t been enough in the general context. I can improve for next year and my intention is to stay.

“I do not even want to remain anxious and wait too long, the fans can rest easy because there are no games or anything, it will be a personal choice and that of my family, but the biggest desire is to stay.”