Tuesday May 6 2014
‘Serie A will face new measures’

Italy’s Minister of the Interior Angelino Alfano has promised new security measures will be implemented in football from the start of next season.

The issue of safety in Italian football has returned to the public sphere after events at Saturday’s Coppa Italia Final and the government have now made clear that changes will be made in time for the 2014-15 campaign’s kick-off.

“We will get back to football, we will restore it to the families and children and turn away the mob,” Alfano has told Canale 5 this week.

“We will decide everything in a few days. We decided with [Prime Minister Matteo] Renzi to intervene at the end of the season, when we will then choose the new measures to come into force for the new season.

“You have to think of the English model - it is not conceivable for clubs to remain extraneous to the issue of safety. We will ask the clubs to do their part.

“For the Coppa Italia Final there were 1,486 men on the pitch. It is not possible that a sporting event can be transformed into an act of war. Therefore, the clubs must also play their part.

“There is an agreement with Renzi, we will talk about it during the summer, they will be in operation at the beginning of next season.

“It is useless to make decisions during a situation like this.”