Tuesday May 6 2014
‘In the curva, drugs and prostitution’

Claudio Lotito has called for ‘direct action and zero tolerance’ against ‘criminals’ he sees operating in football stadiums’ curva.

The issue over safety inside Serie A’s grounds has returned to the forefront of public debate following the authorities’ struggles with supporters over the weekend during the Coppa Italia Final in Rome.

For one of the capital clubs’ Presidents, who has had his run-ins with his own supporters more than once this term, the issue stems from what is allowed to go on in football grounds.

“In a civilised country, without prejudice to the correct behaviour of the vast majority of fans, you cannot allow a sort of suspension in the stadium, where criminals are categorised as fans when they should instead by considered under criminal law,” Lotito is quoted by ANSA today.

“To deal with this situation we need a preventative phase, to educate young people to rediscover the culture of legality and the values of sport.

“Activities in which even the teams can participate in. Today’s young people revert to the logic of the herd, in order to have a strong identity, often at odds with the system.

“Secondly, you cannot allow that in the stadiums there exists a free trade zone. Even the criminals are fans and often take advantage of this situation.

“It should be known that in the curva there is drug dealing, counterfeit merchandise and prostitution that thrives and takes advantage of this situation.

“You cannot allow there to be this open area, we must apply the laws, enact stricter regulations, have the certainty of punishment and take direct action.

“The Daspo [prohibition of access to sporting events] is not enough. What is needed is zero tolerance.”

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