Friday May 9 2014
Prandelli ‘wouldn’t take English players’

Italy Coach Cesare Prandelli says he would not have any of England’s players in his Azzurri squad.

The two nations face off in the opening round of World Cup fixtures and the former Fiorentina boss praised the work done by Three Lions tactician Roy Hodgson.

However, he believes that showing admiration for any opposition players would be demonstrating a lack of faith in his own.

“Hodgson has found some very interesting players,” Prandelli said in an interview with Fox Sports. “In particular when you consider them from a physical perspective. They are very technical and resistant.

“They are a very, very strong team.

“Which players would I take from the English? They have some interesting young players. Until around a year ago no one thought they would be able to make an impression in the Premier League.

“But I wouldn’t take anyone to have instead of my own players. We are a good team too.”

The 56-year-old was also asked about his plans once his tenure with the Azzurri comes to an end.

“Going abroad fascinates everyone. Every time I talk to one of my colleagues who is working abroad, they have a smile on their face that I have forgotten about a little bit!

“They always say that abroad you have the chance to have a private life but at the same time you can still do the job you love.

“Maybe in Italy there is too much pressure. I also one day dream of having such an experience.

“The English League is very competitive and full of enthusiasm. It is watched by a lot of people and transmits a lot of emotions.”

Finally, Prandelli was asked about what could be done to tackle hooliganism in Italian football.

“We should look to copy the English model. The most important things in our football should be the game and the fans.

“The best thing about the recent Coppa Italia final was that there were two good teams on the pitch who were playing good football.

“All the players that night showed a great sense of responsibility.”