Tuesday May 20 2014
‘Juve without Conte unthinkable’

Gianluigi Buffon has offered insight into Antonio Conte’s management style and described a Juventus without him as ‘unthinkable’.

The club have confirmed that the Coach is in place to stay with them for the 2014-15 campaign, despite recent hints from the 44-year-old that he was considering the team as having reached the end of a cycle.

For his club captain, his influence on the team’s current run of success, including three consecutive League titles, cannot be quantified.

“He is a maniacal professional and obsessed with victory, because I believe he does not take into account that one day he may not win,” Buffon has considered to Sky Sport Italia this week.

“He has this strong will to excel, he has certainly made us great and he was a blessing for Juve, for us players and for the whole environment.

“But it is also true that for his part, the effort, the mental and nervous energy that this all requires, it’s huge.

“Juve without Conte is something unthinkable, because of how we have been and how we have enjoyed great growth - I believe there is still room to improve the whole.

“But it is also true that we must always be convinced of what we do. I believe that at a corporate level, Juve is really back on top, so we have this fortune, and we also have the certainty that any decision made will be for the good of Juve.

“There is no measurement to understand his merits, he has been very good in getting the most out of every player. And I put myself in there too, with his own way of doing things, which, if you will, can be cantankerous.

“Just before the match with Cagliari [Week 38], the day before, we were starting the meeting, I started to say: ‘Mister, I’m sorry, but we should talk about something’.

“And he in a manner so brisk: ‘No, no, no, no, no, I do not have to take a break, now watch the video’. I mean, I was speechless for a second. You say, okay, you are 36, you are the captain.

“But later, in retrospect, you know why he does it, maybe because he was afraid that talking about other things would see us not focus on the commitment the next day, and perhaps with that the chance of 102 points would have gone.

“And so, in some respects, after a day or two, we laugh really, because you can say that in his life, he can do nothing but win.”