Tuesday May 20 2014
Pogba: I’ve had to make sacrifices

Paul Pogba has explained the ‘sacrifices’ and difficult moments he has faced this season in adapting to increased playing time for Juventus.

The 21-year-old became a regular under Antonio Conte this term and in all competitions for club and country this term managed 63 appearances.

“This year will remain in my memory because it was harder, longer and I had to make many sacrifices,” Pogba has reflected to L’Equipe today.

“I had to make many sacrifices because playing every three days implies responsibilities. You cannot relax and do whatever you want.

“My season can be summarised as training-match-rest, training-match-rest. It was only that. You go out less, you see your friends less.

“You try to eat well, rest well, take more care in order to recover a bit faster. But professionally, you learn and you grow.”

Pogba admitted that during the season he did experience a period of doubt.

“It was a difficult time because I was getting tired, I was not at the top, not as efficient as at the beginning. But I also know that the biggest names in football have been there.

“These are things that are a part of your career - there are times when you are happy and times when you are sad, because I had never played so much in a season up to then.

“It’s hard, you mean well, but you cannot do it. I was not good and it was a really difficult time. I doubted myself.

“But it was weird because around me, everyone was convinced that I was going to bounce back.

“I now feel better, I want to give the best of myself and I really hope to perform for the national team.

“Playing in a World Cup, I had dreamt of this since childhood. For me, it is a dream come true.”

The midfielder has been the subject of continued speculation linking him with a move away from Juventus, until he and his agent both recently alluded to future contract talks with the club.

“‘Pogba is going here, Pogba is going there’, whereas I said nothing. I have not even talked to my club about anything and there is nothing.

“Did Zinedine Zidane call me? I received no call and I have not changed my number recently.”