Monday June 2 2014
‘Three years to bring Juve closer’

Andrea Agnelli says it may be ‘impossible’ for Juventus to bridge the gap to Europe’s giants by 2018, but that the club’s goal is to ‘bring them closer’.

The club President met with a club members forum this week and considered assessments of the Old Lady’s season, which are split between the success of a third successive Scudetto and disappointment in Europa League semi-final elimination.

“Sometimes they speak of a season of failure. I think of Bayern Munich,” Agnelli has considered on the issue.

“I was talking with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, they have experienced one of their best seasons and yet, after the elimination from the Champions League semi-final, you hear some comments about failure.

“Incredible given that just finished is the second best season in the history of the German club.

“We need balance - if you get to spring still in the running on several fronts, it is still a positive year. We must always be realistic and take into account others.”

Taking into account those others, Agnelli considered Juve’s ambitions to close the gap on and off the field to the likes of Bayern, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“Yesterday does not matter, we are already looking forward to the future, we are hungry for the next success.

“Over the next three years it will be impossible to bridge the gap to the big clubs in Europe - the goal in the period 2015-2018 is to bring Juve closer to the battleships of Europe.

“At the end of the ‘15-18’ cycle, we expect to generate an annual revenue of €300m, excluding the proceeds from UEFA, excluding sporting performance, thus placing us very close to the great powers of today.

“The strength of Juventus comes from a tradition that few can have in Europe.”

Antonio Conte has committed as Coach until at least the end of next season.

“For my part, I have no adjectives to assess what has been done in the last three years - we must all be grateful to the management of the sporting area, the players who have made up the orchestra and to its director, Antonio Conte, who every day has worked behind the scenes.

“And here emerges the true value of this team - humility.”

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