Monday June 2 2014
‘Dortmund trebling Immobile’s wages’

Urbano Cairo says that Torino could not compete with Borussia Dortmund’s offer to Ciro Immobile and so ‘followed the player’s will’.

The Granata and Juventus have agreed to sell their 50-50 ownership of the 24-year-old striker to the Bundesliga club for a believed fee of €19.5m.

With the player seen as flying out to Germany to complete formalities today, Torino’s President has reflected on the manner of today’s market.

“For Immobile we have gone along with the will of the player, whilst the ownership was split with Juventus and it was a difficult situation to deal with,” explained Cairo today on Radio Anch’Io Lo Sport.

“We returned to Europe after 20 years with great sacrifices and in the final two months we did very well, and we are committed to doing well in the Cup.

“It is a competition that we have not played for a long time, now we have to equip ourselves.

“The offer received for Immobile was very important, here he earned €800,000 whilst Borussia Dortmund have offered three times more, plus bonuses. For us, it was an untenable figure, it is true that footballers earn so much.

“Compared to the past, 10 years ago, players earn double or triple as much. We are now in a period of continuous training.

“Gonzalo Bergessio is not the heir to Immobile. It is important to avoid wasting money in the market, whilst it is difficult to compete with the economic dominance of a few European clubs.

“I take the example of Immobile, who could not refuse the tempting offer from Borussia Dortmund, who are also playing in Europe.”

Financial Fair Play has been brought in by UEFA to try to implement greater economic security for clubs.

“I support Financial Fair Play imposed by UEFA - football must be on the basis of moving forward on its own, without relying on its patrons. Nowadays we generate €45m, whilst Juve and Milan make €270m. The Bianconeri are struggling in Europe for lower revenue in respect to Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, this situation is as disproportionate in Europe as it is in Italy. Football has changed with the advent of television rights, in the past there were rich clubs, but there was not a great imbalance as there is today. We have a sixth of the turnover of Juve and Milan, so it is impossible to move as they do. There should be a different distribution of TV rights.

“Europa League next year? I am sorry for [Parma President Tommaso] Ghirardi, he is a friend and a decent person. Torino is not the cause of Parma not being allowed into Europe, it is not an issue between the Granata and Ducali.”