Tuesday June 24 2014
Shot Napoli fan’s condition worsens

The Napoli fan shot before the club’s Coppa Italia Final victory over Fiorentina has reportedly seen his condition take a turn for the worse.

Ciro Esposito was one of three Vesuviani fans shot just two hours before Napoli were due to kick off against Fiorentina, with Roma ultra Daniele De Santis since held for the incident.

Undergoing emergency surgery that day, doctors were described as ‘cautiously optimistic’ for Esposito’s recovery.

However, reports have emerged today that Esposito’s condition as worsened significantly in recent hours after developing thrombosis, a blood clot, and some outlets are suggesting that he is dying.

It is understood that Esposito underwent further surgical procedures this week, but that his condition remains critical.

One of Ciro's aunts has commented that news of his death is false and that: "The situation is dramatic, but Ciro is still alive and our hope remains strong."