Thursday June 26 2014
‘I have not seen any bite’

Uruguay’s President Jose Mujica has waded in on the Luis Suarez bite controversy: “I have not seen any bite.”

The Liverpool striker is facing disciplinary action from FIFA this week after being caught on camera during Uruguay’s eventual 1-0 win over Italy biting into the shoulder of Giorgio Chiellini.

On from the Uruguay Football Federation lawyer’s assertion that images of bite marks in Chiellini’s shoulder were ‘photoshopped’ and implication that there was a ‘conspiracy’, the country’s President has had his say on the matter.

“I have not seen any bite,” Jose Mujica is quoted as telling reporters this week.

“Suarez in every game receives many knocks, but he does not complain because he is a fighter.

“He plays for the national team because he is an excellent player, but we do not pretend that he is a philosopher or a mechanic, or that he acts like a lord - he’s a great player.”