Thursday July 10 2014
‘We’re the most beautiful couple’

Massimo Ferrero has described himself and Sinisa Mihajlovic as ‘the most beautiful couple in the world’, saying they ‘do not fear anyone’.

The movie man completed a surprise takeover of Sampdoria at the start of this summer and in meeting with the current Coach, resolved to continue with him.

Whilst Mihajlovic is seen as after recruitments in the transfer market, his new President has hinted that work begins with the current squad.

“He’s got the team already,” commented Ferrero in an interview with Il Secolo XIX.

“He’s very intelligent, and if I can give him the players to complete this already stunning squad to make them bloom, then I will.

“We have good objectives, I will not tell you what they are. But we are ready and we do not feel inferior to anyone. We want to be the real surprise of the year. To me and to the Coach, we do not like to talk about it, but rather do it.

“We looked at each other and shook hands. He knows that he has to win at least five particular games.

“Genoa, Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina and Napoli? Well…one is missing. Juventus? Do you want a headline? The great Mihajlovic and uncle Ferrero do not fear anyone.

“We are the most beautiful couple in the world. In the field we will play, I do not want three points, but six…

“He is a great man, he will do well and since I am sure of this, I will do my best to give him the best conditions. Because he is our father, the father of the players, and I can be the mother.

“I did not come here to be an accountant, but to present with Mihajlovic this fine art. Everyone says to me ‘President, let us dream’. I will do my all alongside Mihajlovic.”

Ferrero is acting as a hands-on President, working in a capacity as CEO and sporting director too. The situation saw Ariedo Braida leave having only just come in.

“[Previous owner] Edoardo Garrone is a great gentleman. He is part of a family for good. He was engaged in other activities and decided to delegate as he chose. I was born a CEO, I look at things myself, not because I do finances, but because I do business.

“A player is good if they are hungry and leave the field with sweat on their shirt. I was born with a sweaty shirt, I am a sweaty CEO.

“Braida? I love him very much. Before I knew him as a fan, I have since arrived and know him as a great person, but I cannot afford someone like him, who takes €1.6m gross…

“He’s worth €3m, but I cannot afford that. I need higher quality and lower cost. I greeted and thanked Braida and I hope to meet him in the next life.”

Samp were linked with Esteban Cambiasso and are now suggested as ready to offer Walter Samuel a sizeable contract to join.

“Recently, Samp have been unable to afford them, because we still have players taking €800,000 and who are at home.

“[Former Coach] Delio Rossi takes €2m and does not want to negotiate. So now this gentleman will be a Coach without a squad.

“It is not right that a Coach takes €2m, goes home and I pay his salary. There are guys out there who are hungry, who do not work. I cannot afford Rossi, Braida, players on €1m who do not play for Sampdoria.

“With Cambiasso we tried, but he no longer wants to play in Italy. A player may be worth it, even in giving him €4m, but they have to deserve it.

“The distraction for certain Presidents is to trust careless insiders. And they are distractions that have you lose a lot of money.”

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