Monday July 14 2014
‘With two new defenders, Europe’

Stefano Pioli has congratulated Miroslav Klose and determined that Lazio can aim for European qualification next year, subject to transfer work.

The Aquile are into a second week of preseason preparations under their new Coach, with attention on the lack of arrivals in defence to replace the departed Giuseppe Biava and Andre Dias.

“The club have been clear in saying that Biava and Dias should be replaced to further improve the squad,” Pioli has explained at today’s Press conference.

“For now I work with the central defenders available, but it will be important to then work right away to help the new arrivals fit in.

“With their arrival and no further sales, can Lazio aim for Europe? Absolutely, yes.”

Lazio’s first friendly during their preseason preparations in Belluno yielded a 10-0 win over local side Auronzo.

“The first week went well. Our goal is to introduce our ideology, to learn our methods and to give continuity to the team. If the players continue like this then it will a great achievement, and so far they have.

“Are the group motivated? Yes, the whole group. We do not come from a good season, but we want to do everything to turn the page.

“The workloads continue to increase and the players need to understand that working well now can being extremely beneficial later.”

Lazio had two representatives in Sunday evening’s World Cup Final, in the form of Germany’s Miroslav Klose and Argentina’s Lucas Biglia.

“Are we proud of this? Very much. Miro has completed an incredible journey in winning this trophy, with two important milestones in the title and also the scoring record. He should have our greatest compliments and we are honoured to have him.

“Biglia will be disappointed, but must be satisfied because he has proven to be important, for his quality and for Argentina.

“And we start next year with Klose? Klose is a champion. With him we aspire to major objectives. We need his quality.”

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