Tuesday July 15 2014
‘Vanishing Spray’ on FIGC agenda

The FIGC has announced it will hold a summit this Friday, with ‘vanishing spray’ on the agenda among other things.

The spray was successfully used by officials at this summer’s World Cup as a means of ensuring defending players remained at least ten yards away from the ball whenever a set piece was taken.

Now, upon the request of both Serie A and Serie B, leading figures within Italian football will discuss the possibility of allowing the spray to be used in domestic matches.

“A Federal Council meeting has been called for this Friday July 18,” a statement on FIGC’s official website reads.

“These are the issues for discussion during the day,” it continues before listing the minutes of the summit.

The most notable of these was the “request of the Lega Serie A and Serie B for permission to use the ‘vanishing spray.’”

The dates for League and cup fixtures over the 2014/15 season will also be formally approved.

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