Friday July 18 2014
Benitez: We don’t sell our best

Rafa Benitez has reflected on Napoli’s transfer ambitions this summer and is enthusiastic for Michu’s arrival.

The club endured a difficult spell at the start of the summer with speculation that Barcelona were interested in signing Gonzalo Higuain.

However, in seeing those rumours die down of late, the Vesuviani’s Coach has made clear that the club’s intention in trying to bridge the gap in Serie A does not include selling their best players.

“We do not sell these players, whilst they have margin for growth, they can do more for us, and it is important to retain them,” Benitez has told reporters today.

“Higuain and Callejon? They are not for sale, full stop.

“For the fans it is easy to say to say we are aiming for something, but we have to prove on the field that we can win against anyone, without fear, with the mentality to win from the beginning.”

Yesterday saw the club tie up a loan deal for Swansea City striker Michu.

“I will talk about numbers to motivate him, but he must first settle in and be with his teammates. He is a player who can play two roles, as striker and second striker.

“He can adapt, he knows how to play with his teammates, he has great timing and he can score goals.”

Reports continue to link Napoli with transfer targets, including Diego Lopez, Lucas Leiva and Christoph Kramer.

“I do not talk about the market, I’ve heard so many names, but Diego Lopez from Spain I can say no, whilst I will not talk about Kramer and Lucas Leiva.

“Strengthening midfield? We want one that is more defensive, one that is more offensive, but we have these players in Behrami, Dzemaili who can fit in, Inler who can go long or short.

“Jorginho has that quality and Radosevic has that intensity. Yes we are looking for someone who can help, who understands the game, who can act as a director, who knows whether to give it or to defend.

“Fans are sceptical of the lack of big names? I always ask the President for quality, but if we do not find such a player then the important thing is that we try find one for a specific role.

“People spoke about Callejon and he has become important, Mertens too, Fernandez too. Yes we are looking for important players.

“Everyone is talking about Mascherano, we know that he is important and could help us, but he is at Barcelona and contacts were made with him and I knew that it was difficult.

“If he were available I would say to the President to make an effort, but if they do not sell him…it is not a question of price, but if he is up for sale.”