Tuesday August 12 2014
‘Lazio working to regain support’

Claudio Lotito has reflected on his ‘month-and-a-half’ away from Lazio, and his ambitions to win back angry Aquile supporters.

The Lazio President was Carlo Tavecchio’s most vocal supporter in the run-up to his successful election as FIGC President yesterday.

“For a month-and-a-half I have not dedicated myself to the problems of Lazio,” Lotito has reflected since the result to reporters.

“For the election of Tavecchio I was strong for my role within the Lega Serie A, not as an individual. It was a mistake to start a media campaign that has not had any effect.

“Those who know the man and what he has done know that it did not reflect reality. The facts demonstrate this.”

Lotito’s rapport with Lazio supporters is at an all-time low.

“Communication, buying players and the academy - Lazio is doing a lot so as to regain their fans. I hope that there is a convergence of themes, I hope that there is objectivity.

“Fans are fans and are right to criticise in a constructive way. If there is preventative criticism, then it cannot be a positive thing and it cannot grow the club.

“Lazio have had the ability to solve so many problems. We have not entered back into the hearts of some of the fans, but we hope to do so soon.

“Fans want me to leave? My aim is to make the club great and to bring satisfaction to the fans. It would inappropriate to abandon a path that is beginning to bear fruit from the objective point of view.

“If someone does not find satisfaction in what I do, well unfortunately I cannot please everyone.

“Will I buy a new defender for Lazio? Absolutely, yes.”