Tuesday August 12 2014
‘Benatia a model professional’

Morgan De Sanctis backs Mehdi Benatia as ‘a model professional’ and asserts that history shows if Roma lose him, they can still push forward.

The centre-back has been linked with a move away from the Giallorossi this summer, in a situation that his goalkeeper says has not affected his behaviour in and around teammates.

“Italian football is going through a period of exportation,” De Sanctis has first reflected on interest in Benatia to reporters today.

“Regarding Mehdi, I have to grant to him that he has done everything with the utmost availability, nothing has changed, he’s acting like a model professional.

“He is an important point of reference and it is true that it would be bad to lose him, but there are situations that require sacrifices and in these sacrifices it is not always that you lose, but also that you gain.

“If we want to remember most recently, recall what happened last year with the departures of Osvaldo, Lamela and Marquinhos. Players who did not seem so exciting arrived in their place, but then they had a great season.”