Tuesday August 19 2014
‘Italy must have my teams’ spirit’

Antonio Conte says that he will look to instil a togetherness between Serie A’s Coaches, and a club spirit with Italy.

The former Juventus boss was asked at today’s presentation as Italy CT if his primary objective was to implement on the national side the same mentality seen with his Old Lady side of the past three years.

“I would like to capture the same spirit that has always characterised all my teams,” Conte responded.

“Arezzo, Bari, Atalanta, Siena and Juventus. This is what I really want. My teams have to have this type of predisposition.

“My staff and I will work towards this goal. We will work a lot on this, I have great desire but I know that the group is available. For this I am calm and serene.

“I like this challenge. I will do everything, but also ask for everything from those who work with me.”

Those include Serie A’s collective of Coaches, who Conte intends to build personal relationships with.

“My intention is to be a CT that interacts with all the Coaches and players, in a consistent and strong manner.

“If we want to grow then it is right that the CT should meet with the Coaches of the clubs, to discuss methodologies. Doing so we can grow together, hand in hand with the relationship between the various components.

“In this way we can have less intransigence from the Coaches. My urgent need is to turn Italy into a team, not 11 elements who work on their talent. The team must bring out that talent. In this way, we can do great things.

“The CT has always worked with a bloc in his squad to try to build a good team from in a short space of time.

“I will try to find a bloc too, as I did at Juventus, and build around that. I have little time and I will have to make the most of it.”

Little time is in reference to Italy’s upcoming fixtures with the Netherlands and Norway next month.

“My staff and I are already analysing Norway. We are already working on this even already.

“Today the most important thing is to give certainty to the team, there is little time to invent new things. I plan to retrace what was done at Juve. The base will be to start from certainties.

“I am convinced that there is great talent in the national team. To me, young or not so young, I need people to run and do what I ask.”

Cesare Prandelli famously worked to a code of ethics with the players, opting against selecting those who had misbehaved whilst playing for their club sides.

“I’d like to use the term behaviour…I’ll be deciding on my morals and what I see. There will be no standard of punishment.

“If I see serious misconduct, I will decide how to act.”