Friday August 22 2014
‘Conte and Allegri both winners’

Robert Acquafresca has lifted the lid on what it is like to work with Massimiliano Allegri and Antonio Conte.

The current Bologna forward worked under new Juventus boss Allegri at Cagliari, before also briefly training under new Italy CT Conte at Atalanta.

For the 26-year-old, the differences between the two are apparent, but both have similarities where it matters most.

“When they were my Coaches they were taking their first steps, but they had interesting ideas and charisma to spare,” Acquafresca has told the Corriere dello Sport today.

“The route taken in recent years testifies to the quality you could already sense. Both are winners, in this they are practically similar, although they are profoundly different. Especially in their nature and interpretation of their role.

“With Allegri there was joking, we would laugh in the dressing room - I do not know if he has changed, at Cagliari the rapport was like this. With Allegri also there was a lot of tactics.

“With Conte all this was not going on, there was more work - we would repeat patterns endlessly and also the athletic work was tough - neither myself nor my teammates had ever worked in that way.

“Conte with Italy now? Frankly it surprised me, because I thought that someone like him would prefer to work every day with a team.

“But I think that it was the right choice and I hope that he can take the national team back to where they belong.”

Acquafresca was asked about previous links with rejoining Allegri, when the Coach was at Milan.

“Let’s just say that in a transfer window I was close to Milan…”

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