Wednesday March 25 2015
‘Milan-Inter crisis harms everyone’

Juventus director general Beppe Marotta believes Milan and Inter's crisis harms all of Italian football, whilst he compares Antonio Conte and Max Allegri.

The Bianconeri are currently leading Serie A with a gap of 14 points over second-placed Roma, and they seem to be left with scant domestic competition, as Marotta himself admitted.

“In order to win you need team with a core tough as granite,” he remarked, in an interview with the Corriere della Sera.

“If you shake things up constantly it becomes hard to find the 'amalgam' that Massimino [Allegri] wanted to acquire.

“The crisis of Milan and Inter damages the whole movement. It would be good to compete for the Scudetto against them too.”

Marotta was also asked about the transition from Conte to Allegri, which was also discussed by Coach Marcello Lippi in an interview published today.

“We knew we were running the risk of a popular revolt, not to mention one in the media. But we chose the best man available at that moment.

“We supported him, too. If you put a Coach in the conditions to work well, he can give his best. And that's what Allegri is doing.

“I'd rather not have heard Conte's phrase on how you ‘don't go into a €100 restaurant with a €10 note’. But it's part of his character.

“I think that club, Coach and players are worth 33 per cent each. In the absence of Conte, we needed to find new incentives.”

Marotta then went on to discuss the situation with his strikers, in particular Carlos Tevez and Alvaro Morata.

“Carlos has a contract until 2016 and we still haven't talked about it. We owe him much, but he owes much to the club too. If he chooses to leave Juve, we'll have to adapt ourselves.

“As for Morata, we made some technical decisions, but with an eye to our finances.

“We sold [Ciro] Immobile because he wanted to go to Borussia [Dortmund] and we placed our chips on Morata because he was the right young player for us.

“But it's premature to call him a champion. We need him to confirm himself for a second year.”