Tuesday April 21 2015
Agent: ‘Juventus, Milan on Mauri’

Juventus and Milan are among the clubs interested in Parma’s Jose Mauri, according the midfielder’s agent.

The 18-year-old has been one of the few bright spots in a desperate season for the Ducali, who have been declared bankrupt, and represents one of their most saleable assets.

“One thing should be emphasised: Mauri has always shown great respect for Parma,” Dino Zampacorta reminded CalcioNews24.

“They’re a club who have focused on him, and allowed him to grow as he has. We don’t want to disturb the work of the administrators, it’s a particular situation which Jose and I are following very closely.

“Obviously we’re pleased to get all these calls, and trust me - there are many.

“A lot of big clubs have called me, and not just in this recent period, but since June 2014. Parma didn’t want to let him go, because they wanted to - so they said - introduce him into a stable first team.

“Napoli? There was contact with the Azzurri on the last day of January, they wanted to close a deal, but Parma didn’t want to see one of their gems sold for a depreciated value.

“Now there are a lot of Italian clubs on him. Milan and Juventus? It’s not possible for them not to be, it’s normal, they’ve seen what the lad can do.

“But I want to emphasise, they haven’t just become interested recently. It’s normal that if a team has expressed interest in difficult times they’ll enjoy our consideration.

“It’s a matter of professionalism, but now we want to know what Parma’s future will be, without creating any problems.

“If there is something which can be paid toward the economic situation, in accordance with the adminstrators, then we’ll discuss it.

“We’ll see, but we want to respect the work of those professionals, as the big clubs are doing.

“We talked to Wolfsburg, but nothing in-depth. Bayern Munich have requested information, as have other clubs in La Liga and Ligue 1.

“Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain? Yes, there’s been contact. The lad is well-liked, and at 18 is a great prospect, so the coming months will be important.”