Thursday April 30 2015
Milan Ultras: ‘Turning point’

Milan’s Curva Sud Ultras have released an open letter talking of a ‘turning point’ as the club seems to be on the verge of being sold.

Current President Silvio Berlusconi appears to be on the verge of ceding control of the club to Thai investor Bee Taechaubol, with a Press conference scheduled for later today.

Mediaset is reporting that senior management officials from Fininvest, the company founded by Berlusconi which owns Milan, are currently at the former Prime Ministers Arcore residence to discuss the sale.

Meanwhile, the club’s fans have released an open letter, calling for the President to either sell-up or make changes.

“It seemed impossible, but we’ve reached a historic turning point for our Milan,” the Curva Sud Ultras said in a statement.

“Our President, who bought the club in a courtroom, and just three years later gave us the joy of winning the third European Cup in our history, who helped us win that trophy four more times, not to mention eight Scudetti.

“Our President, who many times has made us angry with his choices and distant periods, but in the end has always shown that his heart is made up of these two colours [red and black].

“Our President, at the worst moment of his stewardship, now has to make another decision of love, in the face of this current situation, and the mismanagement of those at the top which is demonstrated by the disastrous team which reached its nadir yesterday.

“Now you face a turning point, and you must to decide whether to give up Milan, which has been yours for 29 years, and for which you wrote indelible pages of history.

“Unfortunately, all stories have a beginning and an end.

“Revolution must be just that - to start over again, while never forgetting our history and tradition.

“Now is the time for you to make a choice, one which will surely be the best for Milan and all that the club represents.

“If you decide to remain, we ask you to make a change at the corporate level, in order to return to being great.

“If you decide to sell, you will always be the most successful President in the history of football, and no-one can ever erase that.

“We are here awaiting the future, and always will be.”